Algeria and Canada have a trade relationship which is well established. Most of Canadian enterprises in Algeria investors have contracts with the public enterprise. A strategic relationship has being developed by Algeria%u2019s market experts with buyers from different sectors by creating a network of contacts with Canadian government. Trading terms in Algeria are favourable.
The Canadian government provides Insurance, financing and bonding for those people who invest in Algeria. The following are the reasons why it is better to use Algerian portal to build instead of buying a duplex in Vancouver:


· Foreign investment financing. The government offers lending against foreign assets thus you are able to expand your business. This gives the investor a competitive advantage over his or her competitors.
· Export guarantee program. This program shares investor%u2019s financial risk with his bank to ensure easy penetration in the new market. An investor is able to purchase the necessary equipments. An investor is able to get access to increased financing.

· Customer financing guarantee. Your customers are given competitive financing by financial institutions in Canada and around the world. This increases competitiveness and confidence.

Guarantees and bonding;

· Account performance security http://www.finances-algeria.org/canadian-opportunity-for-business-and-real-estate-including-vancouver/ guarantee. Provides a 100% guarantee which is irrevocable to investors%u2019 bank for needs of bonding to free up cash needed for the growth of the project.
· Surety bond insurance. Issues performance bond on the investors%u2019 behalf. This ensures that you access your performance bonds more easily and you have a chance to bid for more contracts. This helps in the growth of the business over the competitors.

· Foreign exchange facility guarantee. Ensures that the foreign exchange provider are protected in case one is unable to pay. The exchange rate is also secured.

· Political risk insurance. This covers risks associated with the country%u2019s political instability. This gives the investors and bankers peace of mind thus enhancing trade. The potential for investing is maximized and access to cash increased.
· Accounts receivable insurance. All receivables from international buyers are secured and thus peace of mind.

· Contract frustration insurance. It covers 90% losses associated with contract frustration. It protects an investor from contract and trade permits cancellation.

Favorable trading terms are a necessary requirement for all investors planning to invest in a certain country. A country should therefore encourage investment by proving financing, insurance and guarantee to its investors.The countries currency and political stability should be taken into account before doing business with it. Lets make informed decisions by trading in the right destination.
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